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Unlocking the Power of Decision Support Tools

Decision Support Tools: What they are, and why you should use them in your benefits education strategy.

Decision support tools empower employees with tailored benefit recommendations, helping them make informed decisions on their benefits package. Through providing personalized advice and education, these powerful resources help ensure every employee is equipped to take advantage of the best options available for their individual needs.

Benefits can be confusing. Open enrollment can be a stressful time for employees, and many employees aren’t familiar with insurance jargon, changes to their benefits, or the plans offered. Providing tools to your employees that ease the pressure of choosing benefits is essential to the success of your benefits strategy. Employees benefit when they feel their employers are investing in their development and helping to create a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, every employee should have access to the best tools and resources to help make informed decisions on their benefits package. These tools provide tailored recommendations and education to employees, empowering them to choose the best options that fit their needs. Read on to find out how decision support tools can help unlock the full potential of your employee benefits packages.

What are Decision Support Tools?

Decision support tools are online resources that provide personalized advice, guidance, and education to help employees select the most suitable benefits from a range of options. They enable users to input information about their lifestyle, medical history, and financial circumstances to receive tailored recommendations tailored specifically to their needs. By receiving customized recommendations based on pertinent data points, decision support tools enable users to make more educated decisions when selecting their benefits package.

Decision support tools offer numerous advantages for employers looking to optimize their benefit offerings. By providing an objective approach in guiding employees through the myriad choices available, these tools can reduce time spent researching and comparing different plans while also helping ensure that each individual is equipped with the knowledge they need in order to take full advantage of what’s available. Furthermore, decision support tools can increase employee engagement by offering detailed explanations about each option as well as providing additional resources such as cost estimators or financial planning calculators. Additionally, these types of resources can be used year-round outside of open enrollment periods, making sure that employees remain informed about changes or updates in real-time.

The Benefit of Decision Support Tools for Both Employees & Employers

The primary benefit of using a decision support tool is that it enables every employee to have an unbiased source of information available at any time. Instead of relying solely on HR staff or outside brokerages for advice, these tools provide customized guidance based on an individual’s specific situation—including age, salary range, family size, location, etc.—and help them choose the best options for their own personal circumstances. Additionally, many decision support tools provide simulations which allow users to compare different plans side-by-side so they can easily identify the one that’s right for them.

Decision support tools save HR departments time by automating certain tasks such as enrollment or plan changes—enabling them to focus on more important tasks such as engaging with employees and helping them understand how each plan works so they can make the best choices for themselves and their families. Moreover, when employees understand their benefits, plan utilization increases, as employees are more likely to engage with their benefits offerings, ultimately increasing ROI for employers.

Brite's Decision Support Tool

Brite software drives participation in all benefit programs through robust decision support tools paired with powerful education. Brite’s decision support tool bridges the gap in benefits education, by offering employers the opportunity to provide integrated support during the benefits education process, giving employees tailored guidance and increasing their confidence level. This combination of personalized recommendations plus an engaging educational experience gives everyone involved access to effective tools for educated decisions about employee benefits – optimizing participation rates and satisfaction levels. By utilizing Brite’s platform to create custom benefits education resources that are engaging and easy-to-understand, combined with a decision support tool that provides employees with personal recommendations, employers can ensure that their employees are making informed choices about their benefits- ultimately increasing employee confidence and satisfaction.

By harnessing the power of decision support tools, businesses can equip their employees with a greater level of understanding about their benefits and provide them with tailored recommendations designed to maximize each individual’s benefits package. Integrating a decision support tool into your benefits strategy is beneficial not only to your bottom line, but to your employees and their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing.

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