How it Works

The "disruption-free" enhancement to your education and communication process.

Brite's software drives participation in all benefit programs through robust decision support tools paired with powerful education. You control the message, branding, and formatting of how your products are communicated directly to employees.

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Beautiful Benefit Education in a Matter of Minutes

Use benefit packages, design styles, and proven templates to generate ready-to-launch modernized benefit guides
with a few clicks.

Integrated Benefit Decision Support

Provide benefit recommendations tailored to each of your employee's individual needs.

Benefit Communication Integrations

Launch your benefit education through the platforms your employees are already using.

Engagement Analytics

See immediate engagement into your education efforts.

  • Know the success of your campaigns immediately
  • See your benefits strategy come to life
  • Identify knowledge gaps and opportunities
Ongoing & Targeted Education

Send targeted education to promote your benefits year-round.

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